At the end of July we will have achieved our goal of following all the main routes regularly worked by women during the war. But… Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways will still be available to book  for your boat club, history or women’s group or as a village or community event.

Kate will continue to be based in the north west until the end of October so we’d love to hear from you if you’re in that area and would like to book us. Discounts may be available!

Our usual fee is £400 which includes:

  • The show
  • Our travel
  • A4 posters and A6 (postcard) flyers personalised with your venue and show details
  • Text and images to use on your website or Facebook page
  • Marketing tips
  • Optional
    • A listing on our website and social media
    • Printed tickets
    • An online booking facility (buyers pay a fee)

Most groups charge around £10 a ticket augmented by refreshment sales and, often,  a raffle. If we can book two or three shows in an area we may be able to reduce the fee as the travel can be shared.

We are completely self sufficient and only need a space to perform in – we have taken the show to pub gardens, marquees, historic buildings, boat club clubhouses, village halls and community centres, even a brewery, so we are used to fitting into whatever space is available. We usually like to arrive about an hour and a half before the start time to familiarise ourselves with the space and to set up.

If you’d like to have a chat about booking or to discuss possible dates contact us via admin [at], tweet us @Alarum_Theatre, leave a message on our Facebook page or call 07976 818959. We’d love to bring our show to your community but we promise there will be no hard sell!


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