2018 TOUR


2018 TOUR

Over the summer of 2017 we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the start of the Women’s Training Scheme following the route they worked regularly from London to Birmingham with war supplies and then on to Coventry to collect coal to take back to London. Our show also features other women at work on the wartime waterways and in April/May 2018 we plan to follow the route worked by one of these, Daphne March, who worked independently on a boat owned by her family, between Worcester, Tipton and Cannock. Then we’ll head further north for June/July to recognise another intrepid boatwoman, Nancy Ridgway, one of a very small number who worked on the big barges on the Leeds & Liverpool canal.

Here’s what the routes will look like.

We will be performing in all sorts of spaces near to, or on, the canals but always in the midst of local communities. Many of our shows are on a ‘pay what you can’ basis so not only a short walk from home but very affordable too! And we’d love to hear from you if have suggestions for venues that might like to host the show.

We’re still working on the route for June and July. We plan to start on the Chesterfield in early June and then go on to the Leeds and Liverpool; however, there are lots of different routes we could take so watch this space as we’ll be updating it as the tour develops.

Route for the 2018 tour
Route for the 2018 Tour

Here’s how you can join in and support us:

  • Join the mailing list and we’ll keep you posted with details of the tour as it grows
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or all three!
  • Come and see the show if we are near you
  • Tell us about venues that might like to host the show – at the moment we are looking for places on the tour route but we also do shows over the winter for local history groups, boat clubs, village halls… Contact us to discuss any ideas you have
  • Financially with a donation – these really help us to offer more ‘pay what you can’ shows. We often find people are a bit cautious about the idea of theatre in the local pub garden or that old building down the road and being able to come along and see what  it’s like without having to buy a ticket first really helps. And they are often the ones who are most enthusiastic at the end! You can make a donation via the Paypal button.


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